2) Filmography

Welcome to Your Own Private Hell (VR Short) (2017) Director
Earth, Really Awesome (Short) (2014) Director
Dreams of a Pretty Girl (Short) (2014) Director
Black Blood Punch (Short) (2014) Director
Amor de Monstruo (Short) (2014) Co-Director
South Seas Dream (Short) (2012) Director
Growing Knowledge (PSA) (2012) Director
Unearthly (2012) VFX Artist
Bedbugs (2012) (Feature Trailer) Director
Forgive Me (Music Video) (2011) Director
Blood Roulette (Short) (2011) Director
Cinequest 17 Film Festival Trailer (2007) Director
13 Ways to Die at Home (Short) (2006) Director
7 Deadly Sins for the 21st Century (Web Series) (2005) Director
Little Dead Girl (Music Video) (2005) Director
Santa Fe Film Festival Trailer (2004) Director
Weapons of Mass Destruction (Short) (2004) Director
Day Off The Dead (Short) (2003) Co-Director
Embryo (Short) (2001) Director
Infinity (Short) (2001) Director
Mirror (Short) (2000) Director
Shrek (2000) Modeler & Lead Lighter
The Road to El Dorado (2000) Modeler
Fat Cat on a Diet (Short) (2000) Additional Modeling
Millennium Bug (Short) (1998) Director
Antz (1998) Lead Modeler & Lighter
Escape From L.A. (1996) Digital Effects Artist
First Kid (1996) Digital Effects Artist
James & The Giant Peach (1996) Digital Effects Artist
Big Bully (1996) Digital Effects Artist
The Phantom (1996) Digital Effects Artist
Operation Dumbo Drop (1996) Digital Effects Artist
Mortal Kombat (1995) Digital Effects Artist
Congo (1995) Digital Effects Artist
The Shadow (1994) Digital Effects Artist
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1994) Digital Effects Artist
The Jungle Book (1994) Digital Effects Artist
The Santa Clause (1994) Digital Effects Artist
The Puppet Masters (1994) Archivist
The Mangler (1994) Archivist
Criminal Passion (1993) Script Supervisor
The Upstairs Neighbor (1993) Script Supervisor
Rave, Dancing to a Different Beat (1992) Script Supervisor
Jersey Girl (1992) Script Supervisor (Substitute)
Molested (1992) Script Supervisor
Desperate Motive (Originally “Distant Cousins”) (1992) Script Supervisor
Street Heat (TV Pilot) (1991) Script Supervisor
Kattwalk (TV Pilot) (1991) Script Supervisor
Pepe Jeans “Drip Drip Drip” (Commercial) (1991) Script Supervisor
The Water Engine (Pre-Timing) (TV) (1991) Script Supervisor
Bad Love (Originally “Love is Like That”) (1991) Script Supervisor
Silent Epidemic (Educational) (1991) Script Supervisor
Benefit of the Doubt (1991) Assistant to the Producer
Star Time (Reshoot) (1991) Script Supervisor
Evil Lives (Originally “Soulmates”) (Reshoot) (1991) Script Supervisor
National Lampoon High (TV Pilot) (1991) Script Supervisor
Brown vs. the Board of Education (Educational) (1991) Script Supervisor
Damon Charles Total Rehydration System (Infomercial) (1991) Script Supervisor
Motorama (1991) Script Supervisor
My Pal (Educational) (1990) Script Supervisor (Substitute)
The Walter Ego (Short) (1990) Script Supervisor
Missing Parents (TV) (1990) Script Supervisor (Substitute)
Cause of Death (TV) (1990) Script Supervisor (Substitute)
Choice (Short) (1990) Script Supervisor
Knock, Knock (Short) (1990) Script Supervisor
We All Fall Down (Short) (1990) Script Supervisor
Club Fed (1990) Script Supervisor, 2nd Unit
Second Coming (Short) (1990) Script Supervisor
Ghost Writer (1990) Assistant to the Producer
California Casanova (1990) Assistant to the Producer
Maniac Cop II (1990) Production Assistant
Flight of the Black Angel (TV) (1990) Production Assistant
Chevy Caprice “Moondial,” “Pendulum” (Commercials) (1990) Production Assistant
Conoco “Brand Tag” (Commercial) (1990) Production Assistant
Once in a Blue Moon (Short) (1989) Production Assistant
12:01 P.M. (Short) (1989) Assistant to the Director
Little Feet (Short) (1989) Production Assistant
Eight Men Out (1988) Production Assistant
Rain Man (1988) Production AssistantSearch